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Although drones have come through a mesmerizing development, they still have many limitations. While they are operating most of the time limitless in the sky, their utility in ground-based missions is impossible. This project comes across the limitations and provides the answer and technological solution to the emerging market of the autonomous vehicles. The concept of Hybrid UAV-UGV for Efficient Relocation of Vessels (HUUVER) describes how to create a platform that combines in an elegant way two types of propulsion systems in a compact and highly integrated autonomous drone.


The drone will be the first fully integrated with the Galileo navigation system, profiting from the authentication service and precise navigation solution. The motivation of the presented concept takes its origin directly from the user perspective and expectations, where the flexibility, reliability, world-wide coverage are among the most mentioned. Completing for interfacing with an end-user, the system will also include a server-based application connected to the drone with features like planning and management of the drone mission and navigation. An important part of the system is a mobile, as a direct application for the end-user, mission launch and control tool.

HUUVER is going to be a drone that fills the lacks of current UAV solutions. The construction of a drone connects advantages of both, flying and driving, machines. What does it mean? The capability of almost all-terrain movements like flying, perching, driving, climbing, vertical take-off and landing. It will be constructed to perform professional missions in various, difficult conditions. The ability of ground-based movements will allow for reaching the areas unavailable from the air.

Mobile application

A lightweight mobile application would be extension to the server-based application dedicated for the application with large representation of users. The palette of options and information will be significantly reduced in relation to the shell application, but on the other hand that layer of the HUUVER system will be easiest to deploy and gaining worldwide coverage thanks to the existing telecommunication infrastructure. The application will be available for everyone to download on mobile devices with the Google Android system from the Google Play store and for the Apple iOS in the Apple App Store. This application will allow to check the availability of the drone and call it to perform a rescue mission, watch the drone localization, time to arrive, health of the system and many others in connection with status of the mission. The mobile application will be easy to use for everyone without the need for specialized knowledge. The application will be connected to mission management system using a dedicated API.

Final demo

Press Release

HUUVER Press Release

Project Partners

HUUVER is an international project developed by seven entities from five UE member states: Poland, Austria, Finland, Czech Republic and Spain. Meet project Partners.

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Project co-founded by the European GNSS Agency under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 870236.